La Roque Gageac History

La Roque- Gageac is nestled beneath a limestone cliff on the north bank of the River Dordogne, in an area covering a vast territory with its myriad of lakes and rivers the Romans called Aquitania.

Gageac was one of many supply depots & its believed the name originates from Caius Gageac a farmer who helped supply the Roman armies and merchants heading to Périgueux and Bordeaux along a road known as La Voie Romaine”a straight stretch which runs along the back of the cliff.

Centuries later during the medieval era a massive fortress capable of accommodating many hundreds of inhabitants, dominated this part of the river protecting them from attackers and marauders who roamed the area . Finally when more peaceful times arrived & it was safe to reside outside the fortress walls, dwellings were constructed against the cliff face, of which evidence is still visible today. Whether Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries, battalions from the French or English armies during the Hundred Years War, brigands or bands engaged in the Wars of Religion this” Roque” has witnessed them all.