Story of La Plume d'Oie

Cooking and travelling

Following my passion for cooking I trained as a chef and gained experience working for several years on the continent which was invaluable and then spent some time in Australia & New Zealand where I met Hiddy who became my wife. Eventually we returned to Europe.

In 1981 we purchased La Plume d'Oie restaurant in the village of La Roque Gageac which we discovered by chance from our common passions for travelling, love of nature and French Cuisine.

owner la plume doie marc walker

The village

When we first arrived in Roque-Gageac one could go along to the various farms for fresh milk vegetables & eggs. On entering from the east side one of the first things we noticed were ducks and chickens still freely roaming about. Surrounding the village were wild flowers and herbs in abundance. Nowadays, there is still plenty of countryside to explore only minutes away and one can still gather wild herbs fruit & mushrooms as long as you know which ones to gather!

One of the first of the locals we came to know was Monsieur Delbost who kept an orchard and garden where he cultivated wonderful fruit & vegetables which he’d deliver to the restaurants on a bicycle he’d had since the war!

We felt we’d found paradise so decided to settle in this quiet & peaceful spot on the Dordogne which became our home & business.

view on the Dordogne river

The Auberge

In 1991, we decided, on the piece of land we owned next to the restaurant, which we’d been using as a terrace, to build the Auberge and at the same time create a new kitchen and restore the existing restaurant. It took six months. Fortunately we found a wonderful architect and we employed local craftsmen.

L’Auberge La Plume d’Oie was opened in June 1991.

The restaurant closed in December 2016 after 36 years.

hirondelle room in la plume d-oie

A holiday home in La Roque Gageac

As a new beginning, on my retirement last year, I decided to refurbish the auberge into a holiday home with 3 double bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen and dining room overlooking the Dordogne along with a lounge which also has views over the river.

Times have changed but La Roque still retains its aura of beauty and magic. Today La Plume d'oie has become truly “multinational” & “multilingual” & welcomes travellers from around the world who want to rent a home by the week.
Happy Holidays !

Marc-Pierre Walker

dinner table at la plume d_oie